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Case study

SPP: the Centurion Collaboration

Lincolnshire, England

The Centurion partnership is a group of six small primary schools in rural Lincolnshire, UK, all different in size, structure and character. After three years of working in partnership they were looking for a deeper level of collaboration to further their school improvement.

Our approach


Through an alliance with the KYRA Teaching School Alliance, they found out about Education Development Trust's Schools Partnership Programme and signed up in October 2014. The SPP framework was co-constructed with experienced heads working together with Education Development Trust. We combined their frontline knowledge and understanding of current challenges, with our own school improvement expertise - founded on almost 50 years of designing and delivering school improvement initiatives around the world.  

We know that each school is different and so our programme works effectively across a vast range of settings and contexts:

  • structured self-evaluation allows schools to take ownership of their improvement areas;
  • regular peer review is legitimised, structured, non-judgemental, constructive and allows for a fresh perspective and objectivity;
  • and school-to-school support means that action plans are tailor made rather out-of-the-box and top down.

To use SPP effectively, our expert trainers trained school leaders and teachers in self-evaluation, peer review and school-to-school support. The SPP delivery team visited schools to meet teachers and staff, discuss the framework's approach, take questions and put a 'friendly face' to the process. Centurion chose to encompass all aspects of the school within the framework, ensuring a robust and transparent process.  

Our impact


Feedback from the Centurion partnership is that their experience of our SPP has been a significant catalyst for change. Centurion used it to develop a truly collaborative culture. School leaders believe this cultural improvement is critical, and in turn has an impact on other positive and more visible outputs of the process, for example: school to school support; easing the process of decision making; sharing CPD needs; and the easier identification of opportunities for research.  

The process of using the Framework also brought out the excellent practice which existed, allowing this to spread rapidly across the cluster and beyond. Centurion also shared their findings with international educationalist Michael Fullan as part of his international research on the impact of peer review on a school-led system reform.


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