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London Connected Learning Centre

London, England

London Connected Learning Centre (London CLC), part of Education Development Trust, is an award-winning organisation that helps schools and other settings use digital technologies to improve learning.

London Connected Learning Centre (CLC) makes links between learning at school and at home, involving children and young people in using digital technologies to create, experiment, design and explore, fostering collaboration between teachers, students and parents, and working in partnership with businesses, the community and cultural organisations.

The London CLC team is made up of expert teachers, computing and multimedia specialists, trainers, technicians, designers, filmmakers and family learning tutors.

Teacher CPD
We provide professional learning programmes which focus on equipping teachers with specialist skills and knowledge so they feel confident when using applications and technology within the classroom.

SLA Packages
Our Service Level Agreements are designed to help schools based in London use digital technologies to enhance students' learning across the curriculum. Whether this be through equipment loans so schools can provide their students with the most up-to-date technology, or pupil workshops to facilitate using technology to support cross-curricular learning.

Technical Support
We provide regular weekly technical support for schools as well as one off system audits, network installations, advice and technology solutions to ensure the school's ICT systems are fit for purpose.

"The London CLC provide us with outstanding technical support – from responding quickly to crises, to planning long- term upgrades and ‘future proofing’ of systems, to keeping us on top of all the latest developments in technology which make our lives so much easier. Teachers need the kit there, ready to go and working in order to be able to deliver high-quality lessons. London CLC make sure that our classrooms are always fully operational. However, more than that, they do it with skill, understanding and a great sense of humour."
Headteacher Rosendale Primary School

Family Learning
We run family learning courses which aim to:
  • Raise the achievement of pupils through supporting their learning in the home
  • Improve adults' personal skills in order for them to be able to support their children’s education, and improve their general skills to enable them to access further learning and employment
  • Contribute to a culture of learning in the family
  • Support relationships between home and school
We have a long history of supporting family learning in schools and children's centres in the London borough of Lambeth.

The team also deliver consultancy, equipment loans, research support, and project support.

In 2012, London CLC was presented with the Team of the Year award from the Association of Learning Technologist. In 2014, it was presented with the NAACE Impact Award for Curriculum Support, and in 2015 it was presented with the NAACE Impact Award for Technical Support. The centre is also part of the Computing for Schools Network of Excellence for the teaching of computer science and is part of the LGFL recognised Support Framework.

"London Connected Learning Centre has become synonymous with high quality work. Schools involved are clear that they would be disadvantaged not to have the guidance and expertise that the CLC possesses."
David Boyle Principal, Dunraven School