TARGET team hosts national workshop for senior education leaders in Ethiopia

On 23-24th July, EdDevTrust’s TARGET team hosted a key event, the National Consultative Workshop for Senior Education Leaders to Strengthen Education Delivery Systems for Better Performance, in Adama, Ethiopia.

The workshop hosted around over 100 participants, including three State Ministers of General Education, bureau heads and deputy heads from twelve Regional Education Bureaus, representatives from FCDO and the World Bank, as well as delivery associates, frontline implementers from the Ministry of Education and Regional Education Bureaus, and members of the team from Education Development Trust.

The purpose of the event was to offer senior leaders insights into the different approaches they could use to achieve improved educational outcomes – and ideas as to how they might best incentivise particular outcomes. It also offered implementers from GEQIP (General Education Quality Improvement Programme – Ethiopia’s major, nationwide reform program to improve the quality of general education, to which TARGET provides technical support) opportunities to practice using embedded problem-solving approaches to achieve positive outcomes, and helped to show attendees where current blockages in education delivery are and how TARGET can support them to deliver change.

The TARGET programme supports the World Bank’s General Education Quality Improvement Programme for Equity in Ethiopia by training federal and regional level government agencies, reforming national school leadership training, enhancing school improvement planning and activity, and strengthening monitoring and evaluation – all with a focus on inclusion and equity for marginalised learners. In recent months, the team has been piloting its school leadership training model, which it plans to cascade to over 1500 education professionals, including 1100 school leaders outside of the pilot schools.

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