Sunday Times seal of approval

Our UK independent schools – Oakfield and St Andrew’s – have all made the prestigious The Sunday Times top 100 preparatory schools listing based on Key Stage 2 attainment data at the end of Year 6.

St Andrew’s made the list for the fifth year in a row and was ranked 28th – a huge leap from 70th place last year; principal Emma Steinmann-Gilbert commented: ‘This fantastic achievement is down to the hard work of pupils, parents and staff. Of course, good schools are about so much more than just academic results and our consistent placing in The Sunday Times list has been achieved while maintaining happy and confident pupils who are well prepared for the challenges they will meet in the future.’

Oakfield was ranked 74th in the annual list and headteacher Pat Gush commented: ‘This is a fabulous affirmation of our teachers' skill, dedication and professionalism. We have outstanding teachers who understand and know each child's learning behaviours and characteristics. Each cohort is different and that's why it is important that we teach each child in the way that they learn instead of expecting them to learn in the way we teach. 

‘I congratulate our teachers and commend them on their passion, consistency and professional drive to know each child and enable them to be the best that they can be. This is what matters and this is why some of the leading independent schools in the country actively seek Oakfield children.’

‘It is a really impressive achievement for our UK schools to all be listed in the top 100 independent preparatory schools in the country,’ adds Chief Executive Patrick Brazier. ‘Our schools are non-selective and so this makes it all the more commendable that we are able to help all of our pupils perform to the best of their ability and fulfil their potential.’