Sharing the secrets of Vietnam’s success

Education Development Trust's Rachael Fitzpatrick, Research Officer, will be sharing the secrets of Vietnam's success at this year's International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement in Norway on Saturday 12 January 2019.

This year's theme is 'bringing together – creating innovative educational policies and practices for diversity, equity and sustainability' and Rachael will be sharing findings for our recent research report Promising practice: government schools in Vietnam. She will discuss the five key themes identified in the report, focussing on aspects that relate to the effective creation of innovative and responsive education policies; she will also explore the theme of partnership working such as schools with authorities, peer working within schools and the relationship between schools and parents.

Our research investigates what lies behind Vietnam’s learning success and explores the country’s approach to educational improvement. We have identified five key features of the Vietnamese school system that contributed to its success, each of which is explored in detail in the report: purposeful policy; high levels of accountability; the quality of teaching and teachers; school leadership that focuses on the classroom; and partnership between schools and parents.

An international stage

The congress brings together a growing community of researchers, educators and policymakers to discuss and debate ideas, evidence, practices and strategies that help make schools and other educational institutions more effective.

Rachael and Director of Research and Consultancy, Tony McAleavy, have been invited to further discuss the report’s findings at this year’s CIES conference in April in San Francisco. They will be panellists alongside RISE Vietnam and Young Lives Vietnam discussing 'Tiger school: successes and challenges of the Vietnamese education system'.