Research team joins UNESCO plenary panel

Education Development Trust's research team will be joining experts from around the world at an international expert meeting organised by UNESCO on the right to education of refugees. The event which takes place in Barcelona on 13 December will bring together representation from member states and local government, academia, international experts, United Nations agencies and NGOs. Invitees will be sharing insights, and identifying policy recommendations at all levels of society in preparation of a draft policy statement on the right to education of refugees to be taken forward at later stages.

Contributing to future policy planning

The expert meeting will comprise three plenary panel discussions. Senior International Advisor Ruth Naylor will be exploring challenges faced by national education systems in ensuring the right to education of refugees on the first panel, the second will review good practices and promising measures taken by governments and cities while the third panel discussion, presented by Education Development Trust's Senior Researcher Serena Rossignoli, will be devoted to the policy levers and areas for targeted support.

In addition to the panel discussions, Head of Research, Anna Riggall will be moderating one of three group discussions exploring the definition of policy recommendations for successfully ensuring the right to education of refugees to be taken forward at a later stage as part of UNESCO's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

About the International Experts Meeting

As a contribution to the Human Rights Day 2018, which marks the 70th Anniversary of the UDHR, UNESCO, UNHCR, the Center for UNESCO of Catalonia , the Generalitat de Catalunya and the City Council of Barcelona has organised an International Expert Meeting on public policies supporting the right to education of refugees, to draw attention to the importance of all refugees enjoying equal access to an education of good quality.

Against this context, the International Expert Meeting, emphasising a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach, aims at encouraging and facilitating peer-learning, and identifying relevant policy recommendations, at international, national, regional, local, and school levels, in preparation of a draft policy statement on the right to education of refugees.  

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