Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic

At Education Development Trust, we are all too aware of the challenging circumstances created by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the huge amount of upheaval this global health emergency is causing, particularly on health services, but also on education systems, educators and learners around the world.

We know that teachers and pupils everywhere are adapting to rapid and profound change in the way they work and learn – all in a time of increased personal stress – and we are keen to support them wherever and however we can.

In response to this crisis, we are already supporting our own teachers - and those colleagues who support schools, skills and education systems worldwide - to adapt to the new, remote working and learning reality.  We are also sharing our particular expertise more widely with those who need it.  For instance, we are providing best practice guidance for remote learning, advising schools as well as working with local and national governments on how to make this transition as successful as possible.  We are growing our understanding of what makes schools resilient in these challenging circumstances, how the crisis is affecting children in different ways, how school leadership can adapt and respond and what ‘recovery’ in time will look like.  We will be there to help ensure that the significant impacts of this crisis are alleviated, and that children’s education can be effectively restored.

We are deeply grateful to those who continue to deliver vital education and careers services – and to those whose support can make this happen – in these difficult times.  Improving education systems around the world will always be our priority, and we will be there to support teachers, learners and leaders in the weeks and months to come.

Patrick Brazier, Chief Executive