Education Development Trust begins major new programme in Zimbabwe

We are delighted to announce that Education Development Trust will be delivering the teacher professional development component of the TEACH (Teacher Effectiveness and Equitable Access for All Children) programme, designed to contribute to a positive shift in the trajectory of learning outcomes across Zimbabwe – leaving no child behind.

At present, hard-won gains in learning outcomes for Zimbabwean children are threatened by the effects of protracted economic and more recent humanitarian crises, and the TEACH programme seeks to address this urgent issue. It will do so by bolstering the foundations of the Zimbabwean education system, while enhancing teacher effectiveness and related education support systems through teacher professional development across the country – ultimately not only maintaining but improving the quality of education available to Zimbabwe’s children.

By the end of this UK Aid-funded programme, which will last just over four years, FCDO expects that the national education system will be strengthened and more sustainable, and will offer an improved quality of teaching and equitable access for all children. The teacher professional development component specifically aims to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of teacher training delivery at school and district level, including training for the implementation of assessment and inspection reforms, as well as for teachers to more effectively support girls and children with disabilities.
  • Increase the percentage of children achieving the grade-appropriate level (or above) in English and mathematics by the end of Grade 2.
  • Improve the frequency and timeliness with which national early learning assessments are conducted.
  • Ensure the dropout rate of girls at Grade 4 level remains no higher than it was in 2018 (3.4%).

We are delighted to be contributing to this important work, building on our experience delivering similar projects in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia, as we move closer to our vision of a world in which all lives are transformed by education.