EdDevTrust welcomes new Behaviour Hubs Partner school cohort

We are pleased to announce that our Behaviour Hubs team welcomed its newest cohort of Partner schools onto the programme last month, with two face-to-face induction events.

Behaviour Hubs, managed and delivered by Education Development Trust and funded by the Department for Education (DfE), pairs schools and multi-academy trusts (MATs) with exemplary behaviour practices, called Lead schools or MATs, with Partner schools or MATs who want and need to improve pupil behaviour.

Over 90 senior leadership team members from schools and MATs across England attended the events in Oxford and Birmingham, as they were inducted onto the extended support stream. Through this support stream, they will benefit from one-to-one support from a Lead school.

The induction events featured four sessions which introduced the programme and the support package that Partner schools will be receiving over the next year. The core message for schools in attendance was the importance of creating and maintaining a strong behaviour culture – and how to do so in practice.

Speaking at these sessions were DfE behaviour advisers Tom Bennett, whose 2017 behaviour review ‘Creating a Culture’ formed the basis of the Behaviour Hubs programme, and Jayne Lowe, Director of Bright Green Learning and former pupil referral unit headteacher. The sessions sparked enthusiasm in the new cohort of Partner schools and helped to set the tone for a successful year ahead.

“There was a wealth of knowledge and advice given to us, and I am very excited to see this journey through,” said a representative of one of the Partner schools that attended the Oxford induction event. “All information was informative and relevant. Therefore, the whole day was positive.”

Overall, partner school feedback from these events has been exceptional, with all survey respondents saying they were ‘confident’ or ‘very confident’ in their understanding of the Behaviour Hubs programme following their induction training.

Furthermore, 30 out of 34 schools found the content ‘very useful’, and all respondents were satisfied with the venues chosen despite the challenges that Covid-19 currently presents for face-to-face events.

Partner schools in this second cohort are now continuing their journey to developing new behaviour approaches, which will be launched and monitored in the coming months. They will also attend termly networking and school open day events, which will continue to be attended in person where permissible.

To find out more about the Behaviour Hubs programme, please visit: