EdDevTrust and IIEP-UNESCO publish new report on teacher management in refugee settings in Ethiopia

As an organisation dedicated to changing lives through education, we know how important access to quality, equitable education is for children and young people all over the world – including refugees and internally displaced persons. We are therefore very pleased to announce the publication of a new joint research report, produced by Education Development Trust and IIEP-UNESCO, which examines a critical aspect of inclusive education in refugee contexts: effective teacher management.

Teachers are the most important factor affecting student learning, not least in crisis and displacement situations, where teachers may be the only educational resource available to their pupils.  Effective teacher management – broadly coordinating, organising, planning, resourcing, leading, supporting, monitoring and evaluating a teaching workforce – is therefore a key factor in ensuring effective and sustainable policy interventions in these situations.

The report is the first in series of country studies, focusing on teacher management in refugee settings in Ethiopia, home to one of the largest refugee populations in Africa.  Further studies are currently underway in Kenya, Uganda and Jordan. The study contributes to a burgeoning body of research focused on teachers in refugee context, with a view to providing policy guidance to support education system leaders and decision-makers.

For more information and to read the report in full, click here.