Bett award win for London CLC

London Connected Learning Centre (London CLC), our centre dedicated to extraordinary learning with and about technology, has had its work with schools recognised winning the support and service category at the Bett awards, the most prestigious awards in the schools edtech world.

The high-profile award celebrates companies and educational organisations that provide effective services, support and professional development to ensure that ICT really makes an impact in the classroom. It recognises the fact that educators need ongoing support for ICT in a wide variety of contexts, from technical support and skills training to curriculum training.

'It is particularly satisfying to have our work with schools validated at a time when there is a renewed focus on the potential for technology to support learning and school life,' says Sarah Horrocks, Director of London CLC. 'Schools need support to navigate the digital world whether that is online safety, digital criticality or creative approaches to using technology across the whole curriculum – and they need support that is impartial, expert and understands their context and the challenges they face as schools and educators.

Pedagogical expertise

'That is why the fact that we are educators too, is so important. We don't just throw edtech into schools and leave them to get on with it – pedagogical expertise is at the heart of all we do. We develop communities of practice with the schools we work with, we get to grips with the challenges teachers are grappling with and we engage with them to help solve those problems, communicating with the whole school community of teachers, pupils, senior leaders and parents. I am hugely proud of the London Connected Learning Centre team – a dedicated group of educators and technicians.'

London CLC has an exceptional track record of improving teaching and learning with 100% of teachers saying that pupil learning outcomes improve following attendance at its curriculum support workshops and CPD sessions. A further 96% say that their own teaching practice will improve following attendance at these events (403 teachers surveyed in 17/18 academic year).

An edtech authority

London CLC will be taking to the stage at the Bett show at 13.30 on Friday 25 January 2019 with a talk on digital criticality: Fact or Fake: developing critical learners in the digital age. The talk will explore what a critical mindset means in an age of deep fakes, fauxtography and deliberate disinformation spreading swiftly across social media, and offer practical ways to engage children in critical evaluation of digital information in a range of contexts.