ASK programme hosts virtual event for National Employability Day

On National Employability Day, Friday 26th June, the ASK programme and the London Enterprise Adviser Network will be delivering a unique virtual employability event for students of schools across Central, South and West London, comprising of a range of workshops and insights from a current apprentice at British Telecom.

Significantly, the event is being held in response to Covid-19, and has been designed with consideration of young people’s concerns around the impacts of the pandemic. A range of sessions throughout the day are therefore specifically tailored to support young people in developing the skills they will need for a challenging labour market, and to help them navigate the post-lockdown job and apprenticeship market.

The workshop will provide highly practical guidance and activities, seeking to enable each student to identify their strengths, qualities and attributes and to apply this knowledge to help them secure the job or apprenticeship they want, as well as helping them to gain insight into ‘real-world’ recruitment and interview processes. It will also help each student to develop a plan or strategy to help them focus on and improve their employability, and give them practical ‘next steps’ to improve their chances of securing the future employment they want.

The content of the workshops was devised collaborative by Education Development Trust and Amazing Apprenticeships, and the event was organised in collaboration with Reed in Partnership, one of the organisations responsible for the London Enterprise Adviser Network (LEAN) in London.

Education Development Trust is the delivery partner for the Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge programme (ASK) across the London region. The purpose of the programme is to help educators, employers and students navigate the fast-changing world of apprenticeships. We work with teachers, careers advisers, parents and governors, alongside other key partners, to develop and transform how students think about apprenticeships.  Find out more here.