About us

How we work

Our values of excellence, integrity, accountability and collaboration underpin our work. As a registered charity, we reinvest a percentage of our surplus into a publicly available programme of educational research. Our research helps policymakers to make informed decisions and it helps practitioners choose the most effective teaching methods.

Evidence-informed, innovative solution design

Our work starts with the design of distinctive, evidence-led solutions. We use our expertise, informed by international as well as our own best practice and research, to find ways to reform government schools and careers guidance services.

Our people are supported by efficient project management, tried-and-tested processes, a rigorous review cycle and enabling technology. This means that we are able to ensure effective and adaptive at-scale delivery in our work.

Impact matters to us and we deploy robust internal evaluation systems and metrics to measure what works. We will adapt our programmed delivery accordingly and use our findings to inform future programme design so that we achieve positive learning outcomes.

We are committed to effecting sustainable change and so we foster responsive and proactive relationships with our clients. We work hand in hand with them to ensure a lasting legacy of success.


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Education Development Trust annual impact review 2019-2020

Annual Impact Review


Our people

Our solutions are delivered by passionate educationalists, skilled project managers and highly experienced support staff. As an international organisation, we achieve local success with worldwide expertise; we combine on-the-ground insight with international best practice.

Working together

We frequently work in partnership with likeminded organisations from UNESCO to Save the Children and the World Bank. We work on behalf of governments such as the UK Departments for Education and for International Development.