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The impact of sector-wide approaches

The impact of sector-wide approaches: where from, where now and where to?

This research reflects upon and reviews the global progress of education sector wide approaches in developing countries since their introduction in the late 1990s  

Achieving successful outcomes through Alternative Education Provision

Achieving successful outcomes through Alternative Education Provision: an international literature review

This literature review explores some essential characteristics of effective Alternative Education Practice  

Choice, competition and the role of private providers in the Malaysian school system

Choice, competition and the role of private providers in the Malaysian school system

This project aimed to examine whether or not choice and competition exist in the Malaysian system, to describe models that utilise market competition, and to explore how choice and competition can be strengthened.  

Closer to home

Closer to home: how to help schools in low- and middle-income countries respond to children’s language needs

These guidelines are for anyone active in education in low- or middle-income countries where school language is causing problems for children’s learning  

Financial capability

Financial capability: Why is it important and how can it be improved?

This perspective piece is aimed at those with an interest in the development of national financial capability strategies and those who are developing or implementing financial capability programmes  

Baseline primary education research in Angola

Baseline Primary Education Research in Angola

Investigating the potential for change: Research report of survey and action research in rural, post-conflict Caimbambo  

Financing for all

Financing For All

This policy outlook outlines seven ways that the Education for All-Fast Track Initiative needs to evolve so that it can more effectively and consistently address the education needs of fragile and conflict-affected states  

Education's hardest test

Education's Hardest Test: Scaling Up Aid in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

This Policy Outlook outlines seven challenges that need to be addressed and recommendations for a way forward for donors and the international community  

Alternative education

Alternative education: Filling the gap in emergency and post-conflict situations

This report reviews some of the types of alternative education programmes that are offered in emergency and post-conflict situations and the contribution of these programmes to achieving the goals of Education for All  

Promoting participation

Promoting Participation

Community contributions to education in conflict situations