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State-building, peace-building and service delivery in fragile and conflict-affected states

State-building, Peace-building and Service Delivery in Fragile and Conflict-affected States

The research question examined in this one-year research project is: How does the fulfillment of people’s expectations for services relate to their perception of the legitimacy of the government?  

Lessons from abroad

Lessons from abroad: international review of primary languages

This report offers a comparative perspective on the debate on language learning in schools within England, examining the research evidence and showing how other countries are tackling the typical issues and challenges.  

Education in fragile situations

Education in fragile situations: a review of political economy and conflict analysis literature and tools

This literature review outlines key developments, methodological tools and analytical frameworks in governance, political economy and conflict analysis, particularly in relation to the education sector in fragile situations.  

The impact of sector-wide approaches

The impact of sector-wide approaches: where from, where now and where to?

This research reflects upon and reviews the global progress of education sector wide approaches in developing countries since their introduction in the late 1990s  

Employers' perceptions of best practice in prison education

Employers’ perception of best practice in prison education

The aim of this research report is to understand how employers perceive ex-offenders leaving prison, and what can be done to promote employment among this group  

Achieving successful outcomes through Alternative Education Provision

Achieving successful outcomes through Alternative Education Provision: an international literature review

This literature review explores some essential characteristics of effective Alternative Education Practice  

Choice, competition and the role of private providers in the Malaysian school system

Choice, competition and the role of private providers in the Malaysian school system

This project aimed to examine whether or not choice and competition exist in the Malaysian system, to describe models that utilise market competition, and to explore how choice and competition can be strengthened.  

Closer to home

Closer to home: how to help schools in low- and middle-income countries respond to children’s language needs

These guidelines are for anyone active in education in low- or middle-income countries where school language is causing problems for children’s learning  

Teaching, learning and community cohesion

Teaching, Learning and Community Cohesion: A study of primary and secondary schools’ responses to a new statutory duty


Nurturing a thousand flowers

Nurturing a thousand flowers International approaches to government funded, privately provided schools

This paper seeks to examine how policy makers and providers operate successfully within the context of supply-side reforms