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The teacher salary system in Sierra Leone

This case study was part of a desk-based rapid review of literature, providing an overview of the teacher remuneration system in Sierra Leone.  

Building effective teacher salary systems in fragile and conflict-affected states

Building effective teacher salary systems in fragile and conflict affected states

This report argues that policy makers need to have a dual focus - not only on increasing national and international resources for teacher salaries, but also on supporting teacher salary systems and the individual parts within them to ensure that ...  

State-building, peace-building and service delivery in fragile and conflict-affected states

State-building, Peace-building and Service Delivery in Fragile and Conflict-affected States

The research question examined in this one-year research project is: How does the fulfillment of people’s expectations for services relate to their perception of the legitimacy of the government?  

Education in fragile situations

Education in fragile situations: a review of political economy and conflict analysis literature and tools

This literature review outlines key developments, methodological tools and analytical frameworks in governance, political economy and conflict analysis, particularly in relation to the education sector in fragile situations.  

Financing for all

Financing For All

This policy outlook outlines seven ways that the Education for All-Fast Track Initiative needs to evolve so that it can more effectively and consistently address the education needs of fragile and conflict-affected states  

Education's hardest test

Education's Hardest Test: Scaling Up Aid in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

This Policy Outlook outlines seven challenges that need to be addressed and recommendations for a way forward for donors and the international community  

Alternative education

Alternative education: Filling the gap in emergency and post-conflict situations

This report reviews some of the types of alternative education programmes that are offered in emergency and post-conflict situations and the contribution of these programmes to achieving the goals of Education for All  

Donors' engagement

Donors' engagement: supporting education in fragile and conflict-affected states

This research set out to examine the changing nature of donors' engagement in supporting education in fragile and conflict-affected states.  

Rapid response

Rapid Response

Programming for education needs in emergencies  

Promoting participation

Promoting Participation

Community contributions to education in conflict situations