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Beyond the digital divide

Beyond the digital divide: young people and ICT

The concept of the 'digital divide' has long been used to justify provision of free or discounted computer equipment to school students in the UK, yet 95% of households with children now have access to the internet.  

Improving outcomes for young offenders

Improving outcomes for young offenders

This review of international approaches to education and interventions for young people in custody identifies differences between judicial systems, and in particular youth justice systems, across the world.  

Raising maths attainment through enhanced pedagogy and communication

Raising maths attainment through enhanced pedagogy and communication

Results from a large-scale 'teacher-level' randomised controlled trial which investigated adult learning in numeracy.  

Evaluation of the languages support programme

Evaluation of the Languages Support Programme in Teaching Schools

The Languages Support Programme aimed to expand the capacity of teaching schools in England to develop and share best practice in languages education so that achievement in languages could be improved nationally.  

The chair of the school governing body

The chair of the school governing body in England

This research by Professor Chris James of the University of Bath documents the results of an extensive survey of chairs of school governing bodies and headteachers and has a number of new and substantive insights.  

Langauge Trends 2013

Language learning in primary and secondary schools in England

Based upon the findings from the 2012 Language Trends survey, this report assesses the state of language teaching in English primary and secondary schools.  

The quiet revolution

The quiet revolution

This action research project focuses on the teaching and learning of languages and covers topics such as understanding language structure, writing skills and finding ways to get pupils to speak in the target language.  

Making external school review effective

Making external school review effective

This report considers how learning outcomes can be improved based on findings from the 2012 Windsor International Conference on School Improvement through Inspection and External Review.  

To the next level

To the next level: improving secondary school teaching to outstanding

Building upon a previous report, this research focuses on schools that either achieve and maintain high-quality teaching or succeed in rapidly improving the effectiveness of lessons.  

Community based accountabiltiy in India

Community-based accountability for school improvement

A report of a research project which used a novel approach to improve school standards in India: the training of illiterate mothers to inspect and report on local school quality using a traffic-light scorecard process.