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Reflecting language diversity in children's schooling

Reflecting language diversity in children’s schooling: moving from ‘Why multilingual education’ to ‘How?’

This research and learning project started as a way to learn more about the chances for pilot mother tongue based multilingual education projects to become scaled up within the school systems in which they were operating  

Tackling bullying, using evidence, learning lessons

Tackling bullying, using evidence, learning lessons

This document summarises the findings of a development and research (D&R) project that focused on tackling bullying in Coventry schools  

Donors' engagement

Donors' engagement: supporting education in fragile and conflict-affected states

This research set out to examine the changing nature of donors' engagement in supporting education in fragile and conflict-affected states.  

Disabled parents' involvement in their children's education

Disabled parents’ involvement in their children’s education

This study focused on identifying and exploring examples of good practice in order to produce guidance for schools  

Rapid response

Rapid Response

Programming for education needs in emergencies  

Promoting participation

Promoting Participation

Community contributions to education in conflict situations  

Lessons from history

Lessons from History

This report explores increasing the number of 16 and 17 year olds in education and training  

Language and education

Language and education: the missing link

This report is intended for senior Ministry of Education officials and national leaders concerned with education in linguistically diverse countries, as well as donor agencies supporting basic and post-basic education in low and middle income ...  

Bridging programmes

Bridging Programmes

Preparation for undergraduate study through the medium of English  

Smoothing the path

Smoothing the path

Advice about learning and work for disadvantaged adults