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Neuro-linguistic programming and learning

Neuro-linguistic programming and learning: teacher case studies on the impact of NLP in education

This research paper reports evidence from 24 teacher-led action research case studies  

Baseline primary education research in Angola

Baseline Primary Education Research in Angola

Investigating the potential for change: Research report of survey and action research in rural, post-conflict Caimbambo  

Is initial teacher training failing to meet the needs of all our young people?

Is initial teacher training failing to meet the needs of all our young people?

The proposition explores whether our teachers are disadvantaged by inadequate and reductionist routes to Qualified Teacher Status  

Learning to learn in Further Education

Learning to Learn in Further Education

A literature review of effective practice in further education in England and abroad  

Effective teaching and learning through Active Citizenship project

Effective Teaching and Learning through Active Citizenship Project

This report aims to provide an outline of the CSV/CfBT Effective Teaching and Learning through Active Citizenship Project  

Financing for all

Financing For All

This policy outlook outlines seven ways that the Education for All-Fast Track Initiative needs to evolve so that it can more effectively and consistently address the education needs of fragile and conflict-affected states  

Education's hardest test

Education's Hardest Test: Scaling Up Aid in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

This Policy Outlook outlines seven challenges that need to be addressed and recommendations for a way forward for donors and the international community  

Lesson study

Lesson Study: Enhancing Mathematics Teaching and Learning

This report looks at lesson study, a school-based professional development initiative that aims to enhance teaching and learning through the methodology of professional sharing of practice  

Integrating ICT within play based curricula in the Early Years

Integrating ICT within Play Based Curricula in the Early Years

In this project we explored how computer use can be successfully integrated into play-based curricula in the early years  

Student integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Student integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina: a study of the United World College in Mostar

This study is an evaluation of the success or otherwise of the project in encouraging greater integration among student institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina