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Tim Morris Award

Education Development Trust's Tim Morris Award offers £2,000 financial support to a PhD or MPhil student in the field of education or international development to support field research in a developing country.  

Language Trends Wales 2015/16

Language Trends Wales 2015/16 is the second in a series of annual reports on foreign language teaching in Welsh schools.  

Interesting cities

Interesting cities: five approaches to urban school reform

Our latest report is a pioneering comparison of the approaches used to improve school standards in five diverse cities around the world: London, New York, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro and Ho Chi Minh City.  

The quantitative impact of armed conflict on education in Pakistan: counting the human and financial costs

Commissioned by PEIC, this research sheds fresh light on the numbers of children affected by conflict and estimates the impact of conflict and insecurity on education in terms of direct and indirect costs.  

Language Trends 2013/14

Language Trends 2013/14

The Language Trends survey 2013/14 is the 12th in a series of annual research exercises, charting the health of language teaching and learning in schools in England, this year conducted in partnership with the British Council.  

Educational blogs and their effect on pupils' writing

Educational blogs and their effects on pupils' writing

This research report explores the effect that writing on online blogs can have for primary school pupils. The research project was led by the London Connected Learning Centre.  

Action research for school improvement

Action research for school improvement

This report is based on seven action research projects undertaken by teachers in CfBT (now Education Development Trust) academies in the school year 2012/13. The action research focused on key aspects of school improvement.  

Employer engagement in education

Employer engagement in education

This important report was undertaken for CfBT (now Education Development Trust) by the Education and Employers Taskforce. It reviews existing and new evidence about how employer engagement can improve on the learning and progression of young people.  

An awareness of neuroscience in education

An awareness of neuroscience in education

This project sought to establish whether teaching pupils about the brain could impact upon their beliefs about their own intelligence and ultimately positively impact on their academic performance.  

Developing the talking school

Developing the Talking School

The 'Talking School' is one which prioritises the importance of talking and listening as a means of thinking and learning and as a way of developing collaborative and cooperative skills.