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The Future Teaching Scholars Programme

Education Development Trust is pleased to be delivering the Future Teaching Scholars programme on behalf of the Department for Education.  

Rural and coastal schools

Why do coastal schools sometimes seem to face greater challenges than their city counterparts? Keith Batty, Director of Programmes, Lincolnshire  

Education Development Trust Schools make Sunday Times top 100

The outstanding performance of all three of our indepedendent preparatory schools has seen them rank in the UK's top 100 listing compiled and released by the Sunday Times this week.  

Pioneering comparison of education reform around the world

Our latest report, Interesting cities: five approaches to urban school reform, is a pioneering comparison of the approaches used to improve school standards in five diverse cities around the world: London, New York, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro and Ho Chi ...  

How do you solve a problem like maths?

'The UK is facing a national maths crisis, and a revolution in the way the subject is taught will be required to solve it,' wrote Steve Munby in the Daily Telegraph, 17 June 2015.  

Steve Munby on Ofsted: time to go back to first principles

I believe that Ofsted has had a significantly positive impact in raising standards in schools over the last 20 years or so. Expectations have been raised, mediocre practice has been challenged and schools that were letting down their pupils have ...