English-medium policy should not mean ‘English only’

Dr Anna Riggall is Head of Research, Education Development Trust. She was part of the Education Development Trust and British Council team that commissioned the research and was overall project director for the research.  

Creating a fairer, stronger society

Laura Bell is Director for Careers at Education Development Trust as well as President of the Career Development Institute. She inputs into government policy and translates that policy to our operational contracts. Here she comments on the work we ...  

Connecting the worlds of education and employment

Aarti Jaswal is Education Development Trust's National Work-Related Learning Manager. She channels her passion for working with young people by bringing together employers, schools and colleges to ensure students have meaningful, formative and ...  

How to make the world a better place?

Susy Ndaruhutse, Head of International Development and Project Director for Global Learning Programme, Wales, was invited to join a consultation panel discussing young people and the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Education is more than schooling: key messages from the World Bank's latest report

Head of International Development, Susy Ndaruhutse is Education Development Trust's authority on providing technical assistance to low- and middle-income countries and has particular expertise in fragile and conflict-affected states. Here she ...  

Seeing our research in action

Jacqui Mattingly is one of Education Development Trust’s expert Principal Advisers and author of a trilogy of research reports looking at the right to education for children with disabilities in Rwanda, Madagascar and Comoros in support of an ...  

People really making a difference

Dr Richard Churches, lead adviser for education reform and evidence-based practice, is currently in Jordan delivering our Certificate of Professional Practice in Evidence-Based Supervision to Ministry of Education school supervisors, in partnership ...  

Next steps for education in Scotland: Regional Improvement Collaboratives

Having been a teacher, manager, researcher and trainer working in primary, secondary, further and higher education as well as a special school and pupil referral units, Matt Davis is now regional director for the UK at Education Development Trust.  

Seeds of hope for girls in Kenya

Our communication development officer in Kenya, Alfred Oduor, shares what he has seen through our work delivering Wasichana Wote Wasome (let all girls learn), part of the UK-funded Girls' Education Challenge.  

Middle leadership in the Middle East

Niki Thomas, Education Development Trust associate consultant, reflects on training she delivered as part of a middle leadership development pilot project in Alexandria, Egypt.